What Will it Cost for Premier Views in an Oceanfront Condominium?

In every building along the South Florida oceanfront coast there is a line that is the most preferred.  Oftentimes it is the Southeast corner, ocean facing, whereas the northeast corner would be the second in demand.  In the newer buildings, the original developers designed those lines to be the premier lines and were priced accordingly.

Those preferred lines are oftentimes the largest and most expensive. Some buildings such as the Trump Towers, the Oceans in Sunny Isles  and Ocean Palms in Hollywood, have been constructed with only one east facing unit in the building. There is no doubt that these are clearly the premier lines. At the Ocean Palms, for example, the 08 line is over 3000 square feet or direct ocean front living wrapping around the entire east end of the building. Clearly and exceptional living space with exceptional views. Prices today average $476 to $517 per square foot for this premier line.  Hollywood prices consistently run less per square foot than Sunny Isles, Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale.

The Trump Towers offers the exceptional 01 line. Approximately 3000 square feet of direct oceanfront, 3 bedroom bliss.  These units absolutely offer the WOW factor as I have previously written about. At Trump Towers, the most desirable line is available for approximately $680 per square foot.

Moving Further South into Miami Beach, the fabulous Caribbean at 37th and Collins offers a 2300 square foot Southeast direct oceanfront line, the 02.  This premier line will run around $1230 per square foot.

These examples that I have provided, will give you an idea of the variance in pricing. As stated, location has a huge influence on price but that is not the only factor.  There is quite a difference in the level of luxury from building to building as well.  Sunny Isles is a great example. One of the finest luxury buildings, Turnberry Ocean Colony, will run just under $1000 per square foot for a premier unit, whereas other buildings in Sunny Isles will be closer to $500 per square foot.

Although, the developer offered inventory for new construction is running very low due to outstanding sales, there are a few still left.  Trump Towers Hollywood there is an 05 unit available, southeast corner offered at just under $500 per square foot.

There are two new ultra luxury construction projects on the horizon that will offer exceptional views  The Porsche Tower in Sunny Isles is in presoncsturciotn stages and will offer units ranging from 3500 to 9000 square feet along. This unique project will offer an elevator for your car that whisks it up to your floor.

The long awaited Regalia situated at the northernmost point of Sunny Isles.  The location is so fantastic because it is at the beginning of the exclusive Golden Beach strip.  There will be an exclusive offering of only 39 full floor direct oceanfront residences.  Residences will have more than 7,600 square foot  of livable space. 5515 square foot interior and 2100 exterior. Prices start at just below $7 million.  This is a very unique very exclusive project that will now doubt attract buyers from all around the world.

South Florida’s coast from Miami Beach to Palm Beach has many premier newer buildings offering spectacular condominiums with direct ocean views.

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