Watching the Market….Or Buying An Oceanfront Condo Now

South Florida Oceanfront condo Great View

We receive a constant stream of phone calls from buyers from all over the world that are interested in purchasing oceanfront condos. There are buyers who are seizing the moment so to speak, and stepping in to take advantage of the great opportunities out there right now.

Are there opportunities? You bet there are and I have been in situations, where once we identified a great unit at a great price, other buyers were also putting offers in on the same units.


There are varying degrees of motivation by sellers in all price ranges. There are some units in building less than 2 years old that the original developer still owns that now are very motivated to sell. There are units that are being sold by investors that are several hundred thousand dollars less than what they paid for it. Each situation is different but the opportunities are there. The units that are available under these circumstances include the most desirable oceanfront floor plans in premier buildings.


All I can say is that if there is a desire to own an oceanfront condo in South Florida, at this point in time, you can get the best of the best at deeply discounted prices. When the media says…”We are now at the bottom and the market is going to turn around”… the best units in the A rated luxury buildings will be long gone!!!

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