Sunny Isles Condo Prices- Developer Units and Resales

Developer units are selling in Sunny Isles.  There are several new projects, Trump Royale, Trump Grande, Trump Towers, Jade Ocean and Jade Beach. In the case of the Trump Buildings, prices have been adjusted to reflect current market prices and the inventories are moving.  In the Trump Royale, I was working with a client last week that selected a unit and put down a deposit on it.  They flew down one week later interested in looking at the 3 or 4 other units in the line that were available at that time. When they arrived one week later, all the other units in that particular line were  sold out.  Prices are attractive, the buildings are new equipped with all the amenities one would expect from a new building, and they are oceanfront!  Inventories are moving !!!

As I have written many times, I see great opportunities in new buildings with units being offered by the developer.  These days most developers are very tuned into market value and understand where prices need to be in order to move their inventory.

Oceanfront Condo inventories are moving, developer units and resale units.  For the resale market in Sunny Isles, inventories have dropped dramatically… a whopping 37% from November 2008.  Again, oceanfront condos in South Florida are a very unique niche and have world wide appeal.  Sales performance of these unique properties are quite different than what is reflected in the overall housing market.

Buyers that I have recently  worked with that have purchased Developer Units are delighted to be the first owner, are pleased with the prices they have paid and view it as a great long term investment that will appreciate in time…they will enjoy using along the way  !!!

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