Market Profile of Ocean Palms, Diplomat, Beach Club, and Villas of Positano Hollywood and Hallandale

We wanted to provide our readers with a concrete look at specific buildings in today’s the market. We have selected Ocean Palms, Diplomat Residences, Beach Club1,  Beach Club 2, Beach Club 3, and Villas of Positano in Hollywood.  

Each one of the buildings we selected have their own very specific characteristics.  Beach Club is of course the largest with a total of over 1,200 units whereas Villas of Positano only has a total of only 65 units.  

Ocean Palms has the lowest percentage of units on the market.   Diplomat Residences has the highest, 26% of the total building on the market.  

The closed sales data is based on the past 6 months.  The lowest closed price per square foot was at the Beach Club at $252 per square foot and surprisingly followed by the  Diplomat Residences at $253.   Not surprisingly the lowest sale price was at the Beach Club. 

South Florida newer condominiums have been averaging around 20% of the building on the market for the past year.  That number hasn’t increased in fact, as I mentioned in a previous post, inventory numbers appear to be on the decline.  

Several large scale investors such as Jorge Perez and others are stepping in to take advantage of current market conditions and attractive prices.  Real estate will have its ups and downs but unlike paper investments….it will not evaporate !







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