Prices and Sales Activity at Turnberry Ocean Colony

How is Turnberry Ocean Colony a Luxury Oceanfront Condo doing?

In 2008, when the realization of a financial crisis was still setting in, real estate prices were all over the place.  There were sellers not budging off all time high prices, there was an influx of short sales and there was an undercurrent of fear. Well a great deal has happened in the past two years.  The large inventory on the market has been reduced and sales have picked up.

There is a recurrent theme with the high end luxury buyers that I work with.  FIrst, they love South Florida want to own a second home here.  Secondly, there is a belief that prices are still attractive and will appreciate in time, and finally the banks are not providing good returns, real estate is a good investment.

I wanted to provide a snapshot of Turnberry Ocean Colony a great example of a luxury oceanfront condo.

Turnberry Ocean Colony in Sunny Isles is one of the truly exclusive high end luxury oceanfront condos along the coast. Turnberry Ocean Colony offers very large  direct oceanfront and flow through units with west views.  Condos are from 2200 square feet for a two bedroom unit to over 3700 sq. ft. for 4 bedrooms with maids quarters.  The service and amenities at Turnberry Ocean Colony are truly exceptional and deserve the “luxury” classification.

In March 2 008, I wrote a profile on Turnberry Ocean Colony .   Let’s take a look at Turnberry Ocean Colony in 2008 compared to sales figures today.

__________________March 2008 _____March 2010______________

Pending sales                    3                           10

Number of Closed Sale    10                          10              (prior 6 month period)

Number of Listings          58                           32

Lowest Sold Price           $492 (Dec.08)   $465 (Oct.09) (prior 6 month period)

What does this all mean?  Inventories are down 46% ! As inventories continue to decline, sellers tend to be firmer on their prices and buyers have less choices. Clearly with such a dramatic increase in pending contracts, sales are picking up. Are there still motivated sellers in the market?  Absolutely!  Is there that pending fear that the luxury market is collapsing? Not so much.

Overall, the performance of the luxury oceanfront condo market is very building specific, however, one fact is consistent…inventories are down.

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