Post Construction-A Time To Buy An Oceanfront Condo in South Florida

Fort Lauderdale Beach North View In Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties there are oceanfront condos that have just been completed.   Many units were purchased by investors looking to flip their investment prior to closing in hopes of making a tidy profit.  As market conditions have changed, and flipping became unrealistic, many buyers went ahead and closed on the units.  Now, there are many brand new magnificent oceanfront condos on the market. 

A typical example is the Las Olas Beach Club, Fort Lauderdale.  It is a first class building with 148 residences.  There are around 5o units on the market.  Some of those sellers are very motivated and understand in order to sell in this market they have to sell at a competitive price.  Opportunities are there for a great buy.

Market conditions right now are very favorable to buyers.  Conditions to buy couldn’t be better for anyone looking for an oceanfront residence.