Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views- $240 Square Foot. What’s the Catch?

 Oceanview Condo

What if I told you that there is a condo in a very desirable location that has over 2400 square feet with one of the most spectacular oceanfront views available and that you could buy it for around $240 a square a foot.  That’s right 2400 square feet with drop dead gorgeous views for $575,000.   Location, location location… this building is surrounded by ultra luxury buildings that have multi million dollar condos.

What’s the catch?   It is in a building that was built in 1974.  It is an old building.  When you leave your apartment you can tell by the halls and the lobby that it is old.  However, there is a slow gentrification of young people buying in,  gutting the apartments and making spacious palaces in the sky.  Those with vision and patience can buy a piece of South Florida heaven for a fraction of what others are paying.  As the new generation moves in , they will have more of a presence on the condo board to renovate and update.  

When buying in an older building you want to make sure the condo association has plenty of money and that there has been upkeep over the years.  Careful examination  is recommended.   If all that looks good….

  Hollywood Apartment