Miami Ranked As One of The Top Cities by Trader Monthly

Miami View of city

Trader Monthly, a magazine and online information resource, ranked the world’s best trading cities. In today’s world of connectivity, “where you trade matters less than what you trade.” The editors set out to rank 50 of the top cities constructing a matrix that combined a mix of business and lifestyle criteria. The factors included; entertainment, nightlife, recreation, weather, taxes and other factors. Miami ranked 5th in a list of very impressive cities. Here is the ranking of the top twenty:

  1. 1. Chicago

    2. London

    3. New York

    4. Hong Kong

    5. Miami

    6. Sao Paulo

    7. Los Angeles

    8. Paris

    9. Toronto

    10. Dubai

    11. Boston

    12. Houston

    13. Dublin

    14 .Monaco

    15. Tokyo

    16. Sydney

    17. Las Vegas

    18. San Francisco

    19. Denver

    20. Dallas

    It is always interesting to read other views on what a great place South Florida is!!!

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