Living A Healthy Lifestyle in South Florida-Publix Goes Green

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South Florida’s unlimited sunshine and great weather are very conducive to living a healthier lifestyle.   With the increase of baby boomers approaching retirement demands for wellness and healthy living are becoming more apparent.

Publix Supermarkets, the primary supermarket in South Florida is opening up Greenwise Markets. 

According to their website.. “This is a one-stop shopping destination for anyone who appreciates organic, all-natural, and earth-friendly products, excellent food, and a thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience. Here, you can enjoy a delicious freshly prepared meal, surf the Internet, or fill your basket with artisan cheeses, fine wines, handcrafted fresh breads, and much more.”  Click here for Greenwise website

A Greenwise Market is being built across the street from Canyon Ranch Living luxury condominium in Miami.   Now that certainly makes a lot of sense.

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