Fishing in South Florida

Newport Pier at Sunrise

Growing up in the early 60’s in South Florida was incredible.  In my pre-teens, my Father, as many other fathers taught me how to fish.  He used to take me to Haulover Pier very early in the morning on weekends and holidays.  Now, I am not an early morning person.  For me to get up at 3:00am – the house would have to be burning down or someone would suggest we go fishing.  I can’t think of any better reason to get up so early.

I wasn’t even tall enough to even to see over the edge of the railing on the pier. The memories of those early morning adventures as I watched hundreds of fish being pulled up over those railings in the early morning with the sun coming up in the east still excite me. 

Spanish Mackeral, Kingfish, Pompano, Red Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper even Wahoo were caught by the many anglers leaning over the side skipping yellow jigs just under the surface of the water.

As a pre-teen I would get myself up early in the morning and get on my bicycle with my fishing rod and bucket in tow to beat the sunrise at Haulover Pier.  While, most of my friends slept in during the Summer months – I was filling my bucket with the days catch. I remember those days so vividly still  – almost 40 years ago.

After Hurricane Andrew, the pier is no longer part of the ocean-side landscape of South Florida. I don’t know the official reason it was not re-built.  Maybe low attendance, lack of county funds or public interest.  The picture above is a sunrise coming up on the Newport Pier. The last standing pier in Miami-Dade County.

Coming up… every Thursday morning I will post the Florida Fishing Report.  I will post current fishing reports, up-coming tournaments, local “hot spots,” and comments from some of the top charter boat captains and fishing guides throughout South Florida.