Buying an Oceanfront Condo? Ask These Questions…..

 Oceanfront condo

What are the monthly maintenance fees?

Not only what are the fees, but what do the fees cover?  Some fees include some utilities.

Have there been any assessments or are they planning to have any assessments? 

If there have been assessments in the past find out what they were for. You will want to know if  there were major renovations or upgrades recently completed.  If they are planning any assessments you will of course want to know that as well.

Who is managing the condo and how long has the managment been in place?

Find out it it is professionally managed and if the management team has been there for a while.

 Is there any litigation underway with the building?

What are the pet restrictions?

What are the renter restrictions?

Be sure you get your condo docs.

In Florida, the seller must provide a set of condo docs to you within three days of an effective contract.  They buyer then has three days to cancel, once the condo docs are received.