Boca Raton Luxury Oceanfront Condominiums- Exclusive- Limited Availability

View from the Luxuria Boca Raton Penthouse.

Oceanfront coastal land in the city of Boca Raton is only about 5 miles long.  Several public oceanfront parks occupy a good portion of the Boca Raton coast. Mid coastal Boca Raton hosts several condominiums built between 1970 and 1980’s.  These condominiums are across the street from the ocean.  Moving further south along the Boca Raton coast, within the 5 mile stretch there is a mere one mile stretch offering oceanfront condominiums directly on the sand.

Within that one mile stretch there are just a handful of relatively new luxury oceanfront condominiums with the prestigious address of South Ocean Drive. There are three ultra luxury buildings built after 2000 and two luxury building built in the mid 90’s.  That is it.  A total of 5 new or relatively new oceanfront condominiums in Boca Raton. Building restrictions prohibit tall structures so these luxury oceanfront buildings are low rise between 7 and 10 stories, with a very low density.  For those that want to live in an oceanfront condominium in Boca Raton, the options that are available are truly outstanding but there aren’t many.

One of the newest is One Thousand Ocean which has the distinct advantage of residing at the southernmost point right on the inlet as well as on the site of the Boca Raton Resort & Beach Club. One Thousand Ocean is a seven story building with only 52 residences. At this moment there are 32 sold of the 52.    Residences Range in size from 2835 square feet to around 6000 square feet. Finishes, the amenities, the services, the living space and the association with Boca Raton Resort makes this a very unique ultra luxury property. The Architectural style is modern and sleek.

Luxuria is also new offering just 26 exclusive residences and has 265 feet of beach front. Residences run from 4500 square feet to over 8000.  The style incorporates contemporary innovation and old world elegance.

Excelsior consists of 28 residences each with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and west views of Lake Boca. The Mediterranean style courtyard and lobby lead to private elevators and attention to detail on all the interior finishes.  This property has sold out and there are occasionally a few residences available for resale. Resales today start at a low of $2.950 million and range to just under $6 million.

The Aragon has an all white modern looking exterior built in 1997. It has only 41 residences and is only 7 stories high.  There are resales available ranging from $1.9 million to $6.5 million.

Finally the largest of the South Ocean Drive buildings is the Addison consisting of two towers with a total of 169 condominiums. Resales range from $750,000 to just over $2 million.

Boca Raton has a very exclusive oceanfront community with exceptional ultra luxury properties.  The level of luxury far exceeds many other condominiums in South Florida.  The highest level of luxury oceanfront living available to just a few.  Although square foot prices vary, in one of the three newer luxury oceanfront condominiums in Boca Raton, prices range  from the mid $900’s to over $1200 square foot.

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